Neat Little Tricks by Anup Bishnoi

Anup Bishnoi Almanac

Values, Who I Am, How To Deal With Me


  • My sole mission is to progressively discover who I am, as an accumulative sum of all my actions and decisions, as guided by my unfiltered authentic self.
  • It’s important to me that my actions and decisions come from that authentic self, regardless of whether they turn out to be right or wrong. The important thing is to feed the results back into my intuition and decision making so they guide me even better next time.
  • I believe in making the effort, rather than controlling the outcome. The right outcome usually follows naturally from the effort, landing you right where you needed to be.

Who I Am

  • I am a standard self-respecting, loving, honest, smart, sometimes funny member of the male species from the eastern hemisphere.
  • I continuously recalibrate my sweet spot between:
    • What I’m expected to do vs what I want to do
    • What I must do vs what I can do
  • I am undeterred by things going wrong. I’m at my best in situations traditionally considered to be pressure situations, because my superpower is to focus on action and not be affected by the wrong in a situation.

How To Deal With Me

  • I hold myself in high regard, and act with integrity. I feel naturally inspired to live up to and exceed expectations when I feel trusted by those around me. On the other hand, mistrust, whether toward me or in the environment as a whole, affects me negatively.
  • I thrive on mutual respect. I want to bring my full credibility, and the full force of my competence to the table, and I love seeing others do that too.
  • I like being depended upon, especially in situations where it’s not clear that I will succeed. I thrive on the raw energy of trying to find the answer when none seems clear.