Neat Little Tricks by Anup Bishnoi

Anup Bishnoi Almanac

Values, Who I Am, How To Deal With Me


  • My sole mission is to discover who I am, as a sum total of all my actions and decisions throughout my life.

  • What’s important to me is to be authentic to myself, no matter how right or wrong a particular action I take or decision I make may be. It must be made by my full authentic self.

  • Being my authentic self includes holding myself to my own, consciously held, work ethics. There is no striving, only being. I am not flawless, I am merely my authentic self, a combination of flaws, credibility, and competence, in varying amounts. The combination may or may not be satisfactory to others in the world.

Who I Am

  • I am a standard self-respecting, loving, honest, smart, sometimes funny member of the male species from the eastern hemisphere.

  • For better or worse, every hour of every day, I continuously recalibrate my sweet spot between:

    • What people would like me to do vs what I would like to do
    • What’s important to do vs what would be fun to do
  • I am undeterred by things going wrong. I’m at my best in situations traditionally considered to be pressure situations, because my superpower is to care very little about the wrong in situations, while my capacity for risk is above average.

How To Deal With Me

  • I hold myself in high regard. I get out of situations where I feel that I’m being mis-trusted unfairly, and I feel naturally inspired to live up to said high regard in situations where I’m being trusted beyond explicit existing evidence.

  • I thrive on mutual respect. I want to bring my full credibility, and the full force of my competence to the table, and I love seeing others do that too.

  • I like being depended upon, especially in situations where it’s not clear that I will succeed. I thrive on the raw energy of trying to find the answer when none seems clear.



Striving is when you’re trying to be something you’re currently not, especially when that something is a better version of yourself. I don’t believe in striving as something external to who you already are. The mere notion of trying to be better makes you slightly better, and puts you a little bit ahead on that path already. I don’t intend to be “better”, because I don’t know what way of being is “better”, I only intend to be me, because that is all I can really be with maximal authenticity.