Neat Little Tricks by Anup Bishnoi

A rant about Monorepos

Benefits of a mono-repo, based on experience from working at Netflix, Blippar, and Aurora.

Fractals with JavaScript in a tweet!

Let’s implement Fractals with JavaScript, and make it fit in a tweet! 280 characters worth of code creates these amazing patterns:

Slackbot in a tweet - AskToughQuestions

First in a series, let’s write slackbots that can fit in a tweet, and see how far that can go. This one is an app with a few slash commands that answer any darn question you ask it!

Difference between setTimeout, setInterval, requestAnimationFrame

setTimeout, setInterval and requestAnimationFrame seem to be commonly misunderstood, and yet they are really simple to just tinker with thanks to browser consoles.

Simple jQuery Mobile Page Templating Pattern

jQuery Mobile has a concept of pages at its core. Top-level divs can be specified as pages and you each page becomes a mobile screen with transitions between them. The pattern shown here can be used to integrate templating into your jQuery Mobile app easily, using Underscore templates (or jQuery tmpl if you prefer).

Exposing Firebase data as REST-like ORM store in Node.js

A quick and dirty solution for the times when you want to connect to Firebase from the server, and not directly from the client browser, exposing Firebase data as simple asynchronous calls in Node.js.

What's slowing your website down?

Get a quick list of resources in your website that loaded slowly during page load, using Chrome DevTools.

Exporting Amazon RDS database using mysqldump

Getting MySQL data out from Amazon RDS databases is frustratingly hard and makes you want to kill yourself when it finally works without the port number.

Synchronous Callback Sequence in JS

Sometimes you need a sequence of callbacks to run synchronously and break out of the whole sequence as soon as one of them fails.

Colorful Console Logger in JavaScript

Logging that looks good and helps you debug faster.

Simple JavaScript assert

It’s better to fail with your own error than undefined is not a function.